Founding Father: Harry6.






Directorate iC

(All ranks are equal but Director holds all-power)


Director of the FBI:


Deputy Director:


Assistant Deputy Director:


Chief of Staff:


Deputy Chief of Staff:



Office of the Executive 1iC

Executive Advisor to the Director: ADM-Asd11tgh

Deputy Executive Advisor: Josh-XX101

Executive Secretary: Rainbowdash8415

1st Executive Officer: Pozoles

2nd Executive Officer: theeatenmelon

Trial Executive: Besim48


Co-Executive Board 2iC

(All ranks are equal)


Co-Executive Member: Vacant

Chief Management 3iC

(All ranks are equal)

Chief Operational Officer: spyxchar

Chief Strategy Officer: Calluxury

Chief Promotion Officer: Aidill_Aiman

Chief Provision Officer: Mopune

Chief Discipline Officer: DerrickSphere1

Chief Communication Officer: Neeko1z

Chief Sentry Officer: .:Aidillz:.

Chief Education Officer: Summer_Smith

Chief Recruitment Officer: theducksauce

Directorial Staff 4iC

(All ranks are equal)

Associate Director of FI: Vacant

Associate Director of OOA: Vacant

Associate Director of SLC: kilap

Associate Director of IOB: mit12

Associate Director of SDU Unit: mikelandrew

Associate Director of PS: uberkassandra1

Associate Director of HR: Aizzzz

Associate Director of Trainer: R.Red

Associate Director of Security: Vacant

Associate Director of Special Agent: Aytcaterin

Associate Director of Standard: Viren

iC Elective Trial

Elective Trial(s) 1700c Up to 5 people

Federal Internship

Senior Head Federal Intern 1540c

Junior Head Federal Intern 1500c

Command Apprentice 1480c

Operations Specialist 1440c

Technology Specialist 1400c

Legal Affairs Advisor 1360c

Manpower Advisor 1320c

Strategy Staff 1280c

Communication Advisor 1240c

Elite Specialist 1200c

Superintendent 1160c

Criminal Overseer 1120c

Principal Overseer 1080c

Elite Investigator 1040c

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