Master Policy

All FBI members must read the Master Policy and abide by its rules. Ignorance of any of the rules or policies below is not an excuse to not follow them.



1) Respect the Habbo Way.

2) Dancing, Color Chat & Use of Effects is prohibited within the FBI.

Color Chat rule exempted for Announcements (Neon Colors) & TM+


3) Chat Spamming is banned (Multiple Messages in a short moment)
Welcome Messages should be limited to 2 per screen!

Messages should not have excessive CAPS especially ALL CAPS!


4) Double Jobbing, working in the FBI and another agency simultaneously, is strictly prohibited. This includes using 2 separate accounts.


5) Self Promoting, changing your motto to a higher rank without permission from a higher ranking Staff, is prohibited.


6) Insisting for Pay, Bonuses, Admins, or a promotion is prohibited. If you believe you deserve any of the above you may ask once politely and with a good and valid reason of why you should receive the above.

Asking for rights is always prohibited and will be met with suspicion.


7) Appropriate Uniform, Motto & Badge is required upon entering HQ


8) Going AFK at work stations such as Front Desk, Security Station, Help Desk or Training Rooms is strictly prohibited.


9) Do not troll other agencies or enter other agencies with malice intention.


10) Respect all F.B.I members and Guests regardless of rank and appointments.


11) Any F.B.I member caught violating any of these rules can result in a Demotion





/FTF/: Fill The Front - Sit at the Front Desk to allow staff wearing the correct Badge, Uniform & Motto according to their Rank. And Recruit new members based on the Recruiting Policy learned from your Training.


/FTS/: Fill The Security - If you are Security+ and have been trained to use security, Sit at the security station and allow staff wearing the correct Badge, Uniform & Motto in.
Do not let HR+ Staff, Non-Staff into the Base. Inform any TM+ if any Banned Personnel appears in the Security Station for appropriate measures to be done.


/FTB/: Fill The Back - AFK in the Bar/Gym awaiting for a open station.


/BTB/: Back To Base -  Return to FBI HQ/2HQ if you are not in HQ.


/CTH/: Clear The Halls - Do not stand around in the hallways, and proceed to the Bar/Gym if the Stations are all filled.
Only SM+ are allowed to use this Command.


/ATT/: Attention - Stand and face the superior ranking officer that has called ATT,

wave and say: “Yes sir/ma’am.”


/AE/: At Ease - Resume the work you were doing before being commanded to ATT. During ATT, you are not permitted to return to work before being dismissed.


SECTION (C) Badge, Uniform & Motto [BUM]


  • Standard Requirements on Uniform:

- This Uniforms are all displayed on Mannequins above the Help Desk.

- S/Agents are not allowed to change any features on their Uniform.
- All Agents have to wear on of the Four Standard Uniforms


  1. Standard Male Uniform

  2. Standard Male HC Uniform

  3. Standard Female Uniform

  4. Standard Female HC Uniform


  • Security & Training Requirements on Uniform:

    Security Staff & Trainers have their own individual Uniforms designed by their respective In Charges displayed at their stations.

They also are not allowed to adjust their Uniforms as they like.


  • High Rank Requirements on Uniform:


All High Ranks+ must dress modestly and appropriately.

Proper Top & Bottom are to be worn at all times.
(No Nude Top/Bikinis, etc are Allowed)

They may wear their own clothing but it must not be flashy,

unprofessional or distasteful.

They must also not cover over 70% of their facial features.


  • OOA+ Requirements on Uniform:


Expected to dress professionally as Leaders of FBI

Best hairstyle for males is Shiny Bald Heads. (HARRY APPROVED)

(And good bushy thick Beard, he loves them too.)


All Staff under JM must wear their highest rank Badge

JM+ may wear their Special Unit Badge that is FBI Approved

Motto Guideline: FBI - Rank - Promoter Tag - Unit/Appointment

Tags are 2-4 Characters, and must not be used already

You may use Special Characters to beautify your motto if Appropriate


  • When should you promote someone?


You should promote when you strongly believe a member has been working hard for more than the suggested promotion time. If they go beyond what is expected of them they should be promoted. After a certain amount of time, effort, and good work being done, a worker should be promoted. Any abuse on their power to promote, or if a TM+ has realised a HR+ has been promoting for the sake of it, punishment will be given.

  • Approximate Time between Promotions


 Standard, Security, & Training = 15 Minutes (Maximum 15 Times/day)


High Rank = 2 Hours / Professional Staff = 4 hours (Maximum 5 Times/day)


Special Detective Unit = 6 Hours (4 Times/day)

Internal Operatives Board = 8 Hours (3 Times/day)


Senior Leadership Council = 10 Hours (2 Times/day)


Office of Administration = 12 Hours (2 Times/day)


Federal Internship is based on activity.

  • Promotion/Demotion Guidelines

Every promotion/demotion must be logged

All recruit that has been trained must be logged

You must be at least HR to promote.

You must be at least SLC to demote.


For Ranks below SLC, you must be at least TEN ranks above the

Staff you want to promote.


For SLC, you must be OOA+ and 15 Ranks above the Staff you want to promote.

And 30 Ranks above to issue a demotion, with the approval of JM+ Staff


For OOA Lower Half (OOA Ass.HM & Below), you must be JM+ and

15 Ranks above the Staff you want to promote.

And 20 Ranks above to issue a demotion, with the approval of SM+ Staff


For OOA Upper Half (OOA Assc.HM & Above), you must be SM+ and

15 Ranks above the Staff you want to promote.

And 20 Ranks above to issue a demotion, with the approval of TM+ Staff

For JM Lower Half (Strategy Officer & Below), you must be TM+ to promote/demote.

For JM Upper Half (Manpower Advisor & Above), you must be Executive Overseer+


For SM, you must be Joint Owner/Dir.Rep+ to promote/demote.


For TM+, only the Director/Board of Directorates may promote/demote.

SECTION (E) Disciplinary Actions

  • Normal Punishment


Any punishment dealt with must first be given,
First Warning, Second Warning & Official Warning.
If after this, they still do not rectify their mistakes,

they will be given the First Strike and a Demotion.


Each Strike depending on severity can last from 3 days to 1 month.
If any Staff receives up to a Eighth ACTIVE strike, they will be fired by a TM+

Only OOA+ can issue a Strike, and must be 30 Ranks above.


  • Firing Punishment On The Spot


This should only be done if the Offender has no regard of

the rules and his Superior. Evidences such as Screenshot is required.

Only TM+ is exempted from this rule, but abuse will be dealt with.


Standard Ranks may be fired on the spot by PS+

Legal & Below  may be fired on the spot by SLC+

SLC & Below may be fired on the spot by TM+

OOA & Below may be fired on the spot by  Ownership+

JM+ may NOT be fired on the spot



Directorate: 1 Acting Director, 1 Representative, 1 Secretary & 2 BG [No PA Limit]

Top Management: 1 Representative, 1 Secretary & 1 Bodyguard [2 PA Max]


Junior & Senior Management: 1 Personal Assistant

Acting Directors, Representatives & Secretary are official ranks/appointments.
However, Personal Assistants are not, so they must wear their Rank Badges.

Details regarding REPs/PAs are on the Assistant’s Guide.



This section teaches you how to deal with issues that may occur.
An important thing in these situations is to NOT panic.
High Ranking Staffs are experienced in dealing with such situations,

and are able to deal with it again if it happens. Do not worry.

1) Raiders/Trollers


Ignore the offending user by clicking on their Avatar,

and clicking the “ignore” option.


Never allow them to enter Base even with right B.U.M, and inform a JM+
If there's a RR Holder in base at that moment, inform them.
If you are a HR+, ensure that lower ranks are assured, and have

Ignored the Raider/Troller if they have not done so.
And contact a JM+ Staff to deal with the situation.

You are also expected to Screenshot any happenings of such cases.


2) Raiders/Trollers inside HQ

Contact a RR Holder immediately, or if there isn’t, find a TM+ Staff

Ensure all FTF seats are occupied by our own Staff Members

HR+ Staff are expected to the same thing in Point #1


SECTION (H) Leave of Absence


Any Staff below the rank of JM is entitled of up to 120 Days of Leave per
year and an extra 50 days with Authority Director & Head Director’s approval.

Any Staff above JM have 75 Days of Leave per year with extra 45 days with the

Authority Director & Head Director’s approval.

Ensure that you request the LOA Badge and Submit your LOA Request Form

ONE week in advance, and ensure the ALA has approved before leaving.


HR - SLC must manage the lower ranks, and must apply for LOA,

if they will be away for over 24 Days or they will be demoted 1 Division.

if they will be away for over 48 Days or they will be removed.


OOA+ are required to manage the HQ, and must apply for LOA,

if they will be away for over 12 Days, or they will be demoted 10 Ranks.

if they will be away for over 24 Days, or they will be removed.


If you are unable to get ALA’s approval or there’s a emergency situation

that you must leave for, immediately with a TM Staff with an overview on your situation, and if your a TM Staff, discuss with a Directorate.

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