Rank List


(These ranks are the foundations of the FBI, responsible for recruiting other Habbos by assisting with motto, badge and uniform changes, as well as following commands from superiors. Standard ranks are encouraged to go out and add people for recruiting purposes)

Junior Officer 1c
First Junior Officer 2c
Field Operative III 3c
Field Operative II 4c
Field Operative I 5c
Chief Operative 6c
Advanced Officer III 7c
Advanced Officer II 8c
Advanced Officer I 9c
Analyst 10c
Linguistic Analyst 11c
Specialist 12c
Head Officer 13c



(These ranks are responsible for ensuring “Standard” members are doing their job properly and following all rules and regulations. They are required to help the standard ranks with any inquiries they may have when it comes to recruiting. They are responsible for recruiting but are encouraged to let the Standard Ranks recruit more)

Agent Trainee 14c
Junior Agent 15c
Special Agent III 16c
Special Agent II 17c
Special Agent I 18c
Established Agent 19c
Supervising Agent 20c
Advanced Agent III 21c
Advanced Agent II 22c
Advanced Agent I 23c
Senior Agent 24c
Chief Agent 25c



(Should be observing training sessions to help educate themselves on training. -CTS - control the switch)

Trainee Security Officer 26c
Junior Security Officer 27c
Security Officer III 28c
Security Officer II29c
Security Officer I 30c
Senior Security Officer 31c
Security Coordinator III 32c
Security Coordinator II 33c
Security Coordinator I 34c
First Class Security Coordinator 35c
Security Operator III 40c

Security Operator II 41c
Security Operator I 42c
Head Security Operator 44c



(When you receive the rank trainer Student you are required to learn how to train recruits. Once training is completed you will be promoted to Trainer Graduate. They are the main trainers of the agency and should prioritize training over everything else. Trainers teach CTS ||)

Trainer Student 45c
Trainer Graduate 46c
Jr. Novice Trainer 47c
Novice Trainer 48c
Sr. Novice Trainer 49c
Established Trainer 50c
Jr. Instructor 51c
Training Instructor 52c
Sr. Instructor 53c
Instructor Specialist 54c
Training Scholar 55c
Training Consultant 56c
Senior Trainer 57c
Trainer's Supervisor 58c
Chief of Academics 59c



(Your leadership role starts here. You are to help the standard ranks know key points of our master policy, as well as professional standards, and acceptable Habbo practices. Think of this role as an advanced trainer)

Trainee Supervisor 80c
Jr. HQ Supervisor 85c
Sr. HQ Supervisor 90c
Staff Operations Specialist (SOS) 95c
Intelligence Analyst 100c
Officer of HR Affairs 105c
Operations Support 120c
Jr. Manager of Standards (Jr. MoS) 125c
Manager of Standards 130c
Sr. Manager of Standards (Sr. MoS) 135c
Jr. Consultant 140c
HR Consultant 145c
Sr. Consultant 150c
Lower Section Chief (Section C.) 155c
High Rank Supervisor (HRS) 175c
High Rank Administrator (High Rank @dmin) 180c



(The Habbo FBI team should have professionalism constantly on their minds. It creates success and makes for a healthy work environment. Help the FBI team be professional. This includes but not limited to: looking the part, having integrity, and being honest. Oversee the HR division by making sure they are conducting themselves as professionals)

Staff Support III 200c
Staff Support II 205c
Staff Support I 210c
Staff Specialist (SS) 215c
Finance Associate 220c
Administrative Analyst (@dmin Analyst or AA) 225c
Managerial Specialist 230c

IT Consultant 235c

IT Specialist 240c

Legal Administrative Specialist (LAS) 245c

Telecommunications Specialist (TS) 250c

HQ Security Intelligence (HQSI) 255c

Professional Staff Overseer (PSO) 260c

Professional Consultant 265



(You are the preventing force on ban/kick Habbos from entering base. It’s your job to keep updated on our ban/kick on site mentions. Who is on this list can be found on our discord page)


Detective In Training ( DiT ) 300c
Junior detective 305c
Detective III 310c
Detective II 315c
Detective I 320c
Senior Detective 325c
Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) 330c
Senior Crime Scene Investigator (SCSI) 335c
CSI Team Leader (CSI TL) 350c

Deputy Inspector 335c

Inspector 340c



(Board members are supporters, who steer the standard ranks towards a sustainable future at the Habbo FBI. They do this by making sure the front recruiting chairs have adequate help. Additionally, they help check to see if trainers go off script and/or are professional with the new recruits. Your role is to oversee all divisions under LCU)

Standard Agent Department Associated Overseer (StA. Dept Assoc. A.) 400c

Special Agent Department Associated Overseer (S.A Dept Assoc. O) 410c

Security Department Associated Overseer (Sec. Dept. Assoc. O.) 420c

Rules and Regulations Department Associated Overseer (R&R Dept. Assoc. O.) 430c

Training Department Associated Overseer (T. Dept. Assoc. O.) 440c

High Rank Unit Associated Overseer (HR Unit Assoc. O.)450c

Professional Staff Associated Overseer (PS Assoc. O.) 460c

Special Detective Unit Associated Overseer (SDU Assoc. O.) 470c

Assistant Corporate Overseer 480c

Corporate Overseer 490c

Assistant Head Consultant 500c
Head Consultant 510c



(Main objective is to make sure no one is left behind. As a senior leader make sure team members are being treated fairly. You need to make sure that the overall FBI moral is in good standing. i.e teammates getting overlooked, not getting promotions. You will be working alongside TM leaders (Chancellors and Relations Specialists).​

Solicitor of SLC 520c
SLC Security Correspondent 530c
SLC Consultant 540c
SLC Training Correspondent 550c
SLC Transportation Correspondent 560c
SLC Treasury Correspondent 570c
SLC Defense Correspondent 580c
SLC Presidential Correspondent 590c
SLC Communications Correspondent 600c
SLC Law Correspondent 610c
SLC Legislative Officer 620c
Assistant Head Senior Leader 640c
Deputy Head Senior Leader 660c
Head Senior Leader 670c



(You are to oversee the divisions of LCU to IOB, our beginning leadership. Make sure that teammates in each division are actively engaged in their roles. You will be working alongside TM leaders (Division Manager and Resources Manager)

OOA Staff 740c
OOA Prime Staff 760c
OOA Secretary 780c
OOA Treasurer 800c
OOA Affairs Supervisor 820c
Overseer of Standards 840c
Complication Resolution Overseer 860c
OOA's Assistant Co-Manager 880c
OOA's Deputy Co-Manager 900c
OOA's Co-Manager 920c
Assistant Head Administrative Officer 940c
Junior Head Administrative Officer 960c
Head Administrative Officer 980c
Senior Head Administrative Officer 1000c

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