Hello and welcome. I will be giving you a few of our essential rules and commands so you can begin working here. It will only take very few minutes.

To skip this and do the test right away (if you're familiar with rules & commands) go to HabboFBI|org/TrainingTest

3 very important rules are:

  1. Respect the Habbo way.

  2. Respect ALL employees regardless of rank.

3. Double jobbing is not allowed under ANY circumstance.

And the commands are:

FTF: Fill the Front > Sit at the front station and recruit new members.

BTB: Back To Base > > Return to duty in the base.

FTB: Fill The Back > Fill the seats in the cafe or the AFK areas.

CTH: Clear The Halls > If excessive amount of users are loitering in the lounge/lobby.

ATT: Attention > Stand in front of the superior officer, wave and say "Yes sir/ma'am?" 

/ if you're at FTF, just wave & say "Yes sir/ma'am?"

AE: At Ease > Return to whatever you were doing.

For testing: Please tell me 3 rules and 3 commands I mentioned and what they stand for.

(After they pass the test): You can now change your motto to FBI - Intern - (Your promo tag)

(Notes while/after they change their mottos):

To access the FTF desks, you will need to go to the Security until you get the Special Agent badge to go there by yourself.

For information about pay please go to: HabboFBI|org/Pay, it's 3c every 6 hours.

And for all our policies go to: HabboFBI|org/Policies


 That's it 🎉

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