3 important rules of the F.B.I​

  1. Respect the Habbo way.

  2. Respect all employees regardless of rank.

  3. Double jobbing is not allowed under ANY circumstance.


The commands we use in the F.B.I

FTF: Fill the Front > Sit at the front station and recruit new members.

BTB: Back To Base > > Return to duty in the base.

FTB: Fill The Back > Fill the seats in the cafe or the AFK areas.

CTH: Clear The Halls > If excessive amount of users are loitering in the lounge/lobby.

ATT: Attention > Stand in front of the superior officer, wave and say "Yes sir/ma'am?" 

/ if you're at FTF, just wave & say "Yes sir/ma'am?"

AE: At Ease > Return to whatever you were doing.


Your job role as an Agent

Your job as an agent is to fill the front desks and recruit new members who are looking to join the F.B.I,

Your greeting when someone comes into the room should always look Professional, 

for example (you can copy):

ƒ FßI ƒ Welcome to FßI, head to one of 

our Front Desks for a Job or write ;tu for transfer ƒ

When someone comes to your desk and is looking for a job, please do the following:

  1. Ask them to change their motto to FBI - Recruit

  2. Ask them to join the FBI Badge located on the banner above you/near you.

  3. Ask them to change their uniform to our uniform shown on the mannequins on the wall behind FTF desks/above the aquarium.

  4. Send them to security! by writing :sec

As you rank up you will be able to do other tasks such as Security, Training, Transfers, Administering the employees from Central Command, Event managing, Policing etc..

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