Transfer Policy

  • ➤ The transferring agency must have at least 500 members or above

  • ➤ Transferee must have been at that agency for 3 days or above

  • ➤ The person who is transferring must be at least an RSO equivalent from their agency/military or above to be able to transfer to FBI

  • ➤ The person who is transferring must NOT be on FBI’s BOS or Do Not Transfer

  • ➤ A fired staff may not transfer back unless approved by the Transfer Director or Directorate

  • ➤ A previous staff that transfers back from another agency will be given their old rank, or what is deserved.

  • ➤ Staff have only 2 chances to transfer back from Removal, after which they will be moved to TU’s Do Not Transfer.

  • ➤ After finishing transferring, the person you’re transferring has to be on a 7 day trial. (the trial can be shortened due to activity, proof of loyalty etc)

  • ➤A transferee will be given: Trial [Name of Division] which is equivalent to the highest rank in the division below that one

  • ➤ You can only transfer someone who’s a division below the one you’re in.

  • ➤ Members on trial CANNOT transfer other people

  • ➤ Only directorates can transfer Co-Executive Board+

    (Exceptions to the Transfer Policy are made ONLY by the Transfer Director and Directorate)

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